Our Services 

1) Commodity Trading

International and domestic commodity trading platform
Sourcing suitable coal and carbon products to our customers

- COAL:  

We are a supplier of bituminous coal, coking and non-coking(thermal) coal.

The thermal coal is available in A, B and C grades for the local South African market. RB1, RB2 and RB3 are available for export

- COKE:  

We supply excellent quality high-phosphate(HP) and low-phosphate(LP) coke. The coke product is high in carbon, low in ash content and low in sulphur. These products are available in various sizes ranging from coke breeze (0-10mm), coke peas (10-30mm), coke nuts (20-50mm), met coke (40-80mm) to foundry coke (80-120mm and 120-250mm).


We supply premium quality Anthracite with high fixed carbon, low volatiles, and low ash.  Our product also has low sulphur and low phosphorous content. This product is available in peas,nuts and large nuts for the local and export market.

2) Global logistic services
- Sea Freight
- Air Freight
- Road Freight
- Rail Freight